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Whether you are a regional rep of medical equipment, or a rental agent for villas on a Caribbean island, it's all about PREselling by delivering the information that your prospective clients seek. Great content is where it all starts.

When you do this the SBI! way, you attract targeted visitors. These people develop a sense of warmth and confidence in someone (you!) who delivers quality information on the topic that they were seeking.

And people buy from folks they like. It's as simple as that.

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Website Internet Sales and Rental Agents/Reps/Distributors

Be involved in business proves useful ...

Obviously, for many rentals and sales, you don't have to even accept real-time credit cards online to do a thriving business. If you sell medical equipment B2B, you'll likely invoice.

So what's the key to using the Web to multiply sales and/or rentals? Bottom line?...

Provide high-value, relevant content, not a "sales pitch." Your solid, original content builds motivated traffic and PREsells your visitors.

Targeted, warm eads will call YOU, not vice-versa (no more cold-calling and chasing). The sale is 99.9% of the way home!

Sales and rentals... high-opportunity SBI! areas.

Final note... Get your Site Build It. That way, you will create potential income for online business!


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