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If you have a passion and knowledge about subject, your main drive may be to publish information about it. Up to now, it's been difficult to monetize that targeted traffic unless it was also part of a "primary business" such as selling your e-book or other products, or offering a service...

Affiliate programs do bring some revenue, but often not enough as the sole income model. Ad networks are difficult to deal with. And chasing/landing advertisers for your own site is nearly impossible.

However, AdSense has made commercial life for info-publishers a whole lot easier. You can build an entire business by creating and publishing great content about a subject... just because you love it. Or you can add thousands of dollars per month to your primary business income, also generated by SBI!. Here's how...

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Infopreneurs/Information-Publishing Guide

Take action to success

1) Start with AdSense -- the foundation for monetizing an information site. Click here to see how AdSense can monetize your site. It is THE foundation.

2) Sprinkle in some well-chosen, high-quality affiliate programs.

3) Build "finder relationships" with local businesses and services.

SBI! makes publishing information so easy. And it attracts warm, targeted traffic to your content. Now... SBI! and Google combine to anchor profitable info-publishing. Not only can you attract high-volumes of targeted visitors, you have three strong monetization options to grow a genuine, profitable business.

Capture your niche.

Final note... Get your Site Build It. That way, you will create potential income for online business!


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