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Cool uNiWeS helps those who are serious about making money with websites online. We have the Web Technology and skills to build E-Commerce websites for our clients. It includes Web Design to suit the different themes of businesses. We also encourage anyone who wants to be our affiliate to earn extra income online. All our websites are optimised for online businesses. Below are some of the resources you may want to look for your online web business.

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We have websites that are currently built for site flipping, if you are interested in any of these sites, simply drop us an email your prices for purchases. Here are some of the sites you can make purchases below:

Thai Buddha Amulets & Tibetan dZi Beads - Products are not included unless willing to purchase with products.

Feng Shui for beginners - Products not included

Video Ads Sharing Revenue - WYSIWYG

Site Awards - WYSIWYG

Article Directory - WYSIWYG

Playing Golf -WYSIWYG

Learn the secret art of healing using the Universal Qi (chi) transferring from your hands to the source of pain to heal.

Mastering the 3 Levels of Reiki of healing using your hands. You will discover the distant healing and methods used for hands positioning to heal different parts of the body.

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Thai amulet Sanka Chai is widely rented by many believers of Buddha to help in accumulating wealth and good fortune.

Sanka Chai will help you to build your career or business and accumulate wealth in your lifetime. It is your FATE to rent any of the Thai amulets that will be giving you a helping hand.

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